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SERVICES Offered by in-ADME Research

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in-ADME Research provides consulting services in PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROFILING (solubility, dissolution, permeability, pKa/pH) applied to drug discovery and early development.

Expert Witness Support

The Principal Consultant (116 publications, 4 books, 6 patents) recent client requests:

If your Expert Witness needs can take advantage of in-ADME Research’s core expertise, we might be able to help and would like to discuss this with you.


To add value to the client’s drug discovery and early development projects, in-ADME Research can consult with the client to improve cell-based/PAMPA & mechanistic dissolution assays to the prediction of human intestinal absorption, blood-brain barrier permeability, & unbound-drug brain exposure.

Prof. Norman Ho asking a question at PAMPA2002, San Francisco, Jul 2002. (c) Copyright 2002 by A. Avdeef.