Gull in Sunset. Rovinj, Croatia.
Sep 2009. (c) Copyright 2009 by
A. Avdeef.


How to Get a 30-Day Demo (Free)

Send a business e-mail (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. don't work) to, containing your name, affiliation, and phone number (with area code & country code if outside USA). Acceptible requests will receive a confirmation e-mail containing:
INSTRUCTIONS on how to download an installation version of the program,
PASSWORD (temporary) for accessing the server hosting the download program,
GETTING STARTED GUIDE to demo the program's main features.

Once installed, the program will need to be activated for the 30-day period. Follow the instructions provided by the program. If you decide to purchase the program, a longer-period activation code will be issued.

Rank-ordered Absorption-Excipient Classification Gradient Map for drugs and excipient combinations. Such a "gradient" map normalizes flux values to shift patterns with reference to the excipient-free, pH 6.2 baseline. Warm colors refer to excipient-enhanced flux, and "cool" colors refer to excipient-depressed flux. Avdeef et al. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 2008, 33, 29-41.