Gull in Sunset. Rovinj, Croatia.
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A. Avdeef.


PRODUCTS Offered by in-ADME Research

pCEL-XTM Software for PERMEABILITY data analysis: PAMPA, Caco-2/MDCK, and BBB. Measured permeability data can be fitted to a biophysical model. Also, permeability profiles can be generated (using built-in databases) as a function of pH, and internally-predicted (measured, if available) ionization constants, octanol-water log P, PAMPA, Abraham Linear Free Energy Relationship (LFER) descriptors. The ionization constants are predicted at 25`C and 37`C.

pDISOL-XTM Software for the analysis of DISSOLUTION as a function of pH, weight of solid, solubility, ionization constants, stirring conditions, buffer capacity, etc., through microspecies simulation of concentrationn gradients in the aqueous boundary layer (ABL), using a biophysical model extension from the methods described by Mooney-Stella (1980s) and Wang-Flanagan (1990s). Partial differential equations are solved analytically, for ultra-stable (and fast) calculations.

pCEL-XTM and pDISOL-XTM are trademarks of in-ADME Research.

Rune Stone (Viking stone in the Gamla Uppsala museum), Sweden, Feb 2010. (c) Copyright 2010 by A. Avdeef.