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Phosphate precipitates & water-soluble aggregates in pDISOL-X re-analyzed solubility-pH data of 25 practically insoluble weak-base drugs.

Higuchi's 1953 data indicating anomalous behavior of several acidic drugs - re-analysis using pDISOL-X.

Salt solubility products of diprenorphine.HCl, codeine and lidocaine hydrochlorides and phosphates – novel pDISOL-X method of data analysis not dependent on explicit solubility equations.

Determining pKa values at 37`C from available values at 25`C.

Novel method correcting in situ brain perfusion flow-limited permeability of lipophilic molecules.

Predicting in vivo BBB permeability using in combo PAMPA-BBB model based on 10%w/v porcine brain extract.

P-gp KO mouse in situ brain perfusion permeability and its prediction using in combo PAMPA.

Cosolvent PAMPA permeability determination of amiodarone, tamoxifen & other practically insoluble molecules.

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in-ADME Research will participate in the Doctoral School Intensive Course on Permeability, pKa and Solubility Measurements at the University of Tartu, Estonia (20-26 Sep 2014), conducting 5 lectures and consultations with graduate students and faculty. The event will be hosted by Prof. Uko Maran from the Instute of Chemistry.

in-ADME Research will attend Barriers of the CNS Gordon Conf., Colby Sawyer Coll., NH (15-20 Jun 2014), presenting a poster on: "in combo Prediction of Kp,uu"

Rev 4.02 of pCEL-X is here (free 30-day download), featuring prediction of unbound-drug bain-to-plasma ratio, Kp,uu, total-drug brain-to-plasma ratio, Kp, and unbound-drug fraction in plasma, fu,plasma (23 Apr 2014).

in-ADME Research has attended Solubility & Bioavailability Enhancement Workshop, Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, N. Brunswick, NJ (28 Apr 2014), presenting a talk on: "Salt solubility determination, complicated by the presence of drug aggregates, drug-buffer precipitates, and co-precipitates."

in-ADME Research attends 5th FIP Pharm. Sci. World Congress, Melbourne, Australia (13-16 Apr 2014), presenting a talk: "Both passive lipoidal diffusion and carrier-mediated uptake are important transport mechanisms in drug disposition."

in-ADME Research has attended the annual AAPS meeting 10-14 Nov 2013 in San Antonio: presented 3 posters & debated Prof. Douglas Kell: "Gradient on my nerves: a debate on the importance passive diffusion vs. carrier-mediated transport in drug disposition?"

Rev 3.0 of pDISOL-X is here (free 30-day download). SALT SOLUBILITY analysis successfully tested using 247 published log S - pH profiles. Also, state-of-the-art analysis for DISSOLUTION processes involving poorly-soluble ionizable drugs, using CONVECTIVE-DIFFUSION & SIMUL-TANEOUS CHEMICAL REACTION model, with Vinograd-McBain electric field treatment - the finishing touches to pioneering works of Higuchi, Mooney-Stella, McNamara-Amidon, & Southard. (6 Nov 2013).

Wiki-pKaTM in TOOLS has expanded to 1107 pKa values & 286 ref. Many CE-based values added.

in-ADME Research has attended 3rd World Conf. on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery & Development in Dubrovnik, 22-26 Sept 2013, and presented FIVE talks.

Rev 4.0 of pCEL-X is here (free 30-day download), featuring unbound-drug BRAIN EXPOSURE prediction & SNAPSHOT PREVIEW (blood-brain barrier PS, Caco-2 Papp, human Peff (in vivo) and human Loc-I-Gut Peff values (30 Sep 2012).

in-ADME Research attends Barriers of the CNS Gordon Conf., Colby Sawyer Coll., NH (17-22 Jun 2012), lecturing on: "Barrier Permeability & in vitro Models for Predicting It."

in-ADME Research attends 10th EDAN in Leuven, Belgium (25-27 Mar 2012), lecturing: "Cell & Artificial Memebrane Models Predicting Human Jejunal Permeability – a Question of Scaling?"